January 07, 2016 Happy New Year...---> =(x(;)=

Big news I have chosen Smiley Heroes original song, the writer has dedicated the song to his kids.

FYI- this song is a rough draft but a great foundation, if anyone can add to it please share due date is 02.27.2016 for the --> Safe Kids Fair <--




... "Like me, guide me, trust in I.P. 

love me, trust me, walk beside me, show me, good things, 

that I should see, always be there, right beside me,

take away the bullies, so that we can be happy Smiley's"...


                        "This is dedicated to my kids"



February 07, 2016 Safety show...---> =(x(;)=

January 14, 2016...---> =(x(;)=

    November 2015 "The Intro Line"      (FYI: all Smiley Heroes Comic strips from now on will post here one month before Facebook, Dec 2015 posts 01/2016 @ FB

Due to my son being in the hospital at the moment we won't be posting  new comics at this time. Thank you everyone for your prayers.

My son Maximus was release from Primary Children’s Hospital 02.15.16 

my husband and I would like to thank all the staff with all our hearts, we will dedicate Smiley Heroes 14th & 21st comic to them.

 ^^^Click It Kids^^^

January 21, 2016 "Four eyes are better than 3, 2 or 1"


Bullying Is a Civil Rights Issue Grades: 
9, 10, 11, 12

Students define bullying and observe and describe some of the consequences to victims, bystanders, and the whole community.

Smiley Heroes will be donating capes to policemen, firemen, teachers etc. for every CAPE ordered Smiley Heroes Denver will donate one.