Smiley Heroes

                                                  Saving the world one smile at a time

    Smiley Heroes ecosystem is a revolutionary way to enrich and protect the lives of our children, making their world a safer place to grow. We offer our proprietary technology and products that connect children with their parents no matter where they are. Today’s world is fraught with situations that breed danger and unsafe interactions and the Smiley Heroes ecosystem is the solution to these troubling times.

The Smiley Heroes Internet browser gives the parents total control over what their child is exposed to and connects them to a safe and healthy experience. Content safeguards can be chosen remotely via our smartphone app or desktop browser with administrative passwords.  Our browser offers a comprehensive arena to facilitate a healthy and educational experience without fear of children and teens stumbling upon inappropriate content or unsafe interactions with unknown sources or users. Our app teaches children and teens how to use the many benefits of the Internet without having to experience the wrong side of it.

With our in-house developed smart watch, Smiley Heroes has enabled parents to have peace of mind by connecting them with their kids anywhere they go. Parents shouldn’t have to buy their children expensive smart phones to locate and see/hear their kids. GPS and Bluetooth connectivity send a constant location from the watch to any installed Smiley Heroes app so no parent will ever be out of touch or wondering where they are. By giving the parents exclusive access between the mobile app and smart watch, the microphone and camera can only be activated by the app or with the panic button on the watch, recording events and connecting parents with their children any time they feel unsafe. 

Smiley Heroes has given children and teens a digital shield and made the world a safer and easier place to grow and learn free from anxiety and unhealthy environments and people.

                                                                                 Words by S.M.P. 

                                        We will unveil Smiley Heroes anti-bully app statement September 2015(;)x)

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