Josh bullies say things to hurt because down the line of life somewhere they got hurt so without meaning it they see you celebrate something fun and dear to you and they attack it, so just forgive them and enjoy what you believe because nobody can take that away from you.

And to answer your question "Is Santa Real" it's all in the math, why would these heroes below give millions of millions of presents around the world if they did not have the holiday spirit in them to do so, Josh the spirit of good ole saint nick helps our parents remember when they were kids themselves & what they received under that Christmas tree, just the smell of the tree alone can mean so much to our parents I see my dad take a big whiff every Christmas & it makes him want to help Santa deliver toys to kids that would not get anything on Christmas morning if it were not for that awesome jolly chubby man we all call Santa.

So take it from IP the men & women below will tell you no matter what Santa lives. 

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