We're starting "Everyone-Episodes" for all kids to enjoy SH's free online...---> 

---> =(x(;)= "Kids before profit" order comic vip@Smileyheroes.com

Okay kids, take your sidewalk chalk & draw-> (;)x) <- sign to call I. Phoenix & Smiley Heroes to your cause...--->-------> =(x(;)=  

‚ÄčThen take a pic & send it to: https://www.facebook.com/TheAmazingSmileyHeroes/

Here is my smiley heroes call sign drawing for hope mommy... 

    "After this e-message, I'll fly right back =(x(;)="

 (Our family did it =(x(;)= & now we recommend it)

Part 1

Smiley Heroes Recommendation, remember parents there's a kid in all of us & you will love it moms 

^^^(Our family did it =(x(;)= & now we recommend it)^^^

=(;)x)=   Keep the Anti Bully Sign pics coming in kids   =(x(;)=

& now Part 2 enjoy...--->-------> =(x(;)=